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Aggregates for concrete

1 blast furnace slag produces fresh normal weight concrete with a unit density of 2200 to 2400 KGM. 3140 to 150 lb ft. 3. Expanded shale, clay, slate and slag aggregates figure 5-3 is used to produce structural lightweight concrete with a fresh mix density of about 1350 to 1850 KGM. 3 90 to 120 LB ft. 3.

Properties of concrete containing ground granulated

GGBFS of 4 granulated blast furnace slag was obtained from Nippon Steel Corporation of India. Its properties are given in Table 3. Sikamen170, a concrete superplasticizer based on sulfonated naphthalene polymer, is used as water reducer. The dosage of water reducing agent is 1.1 of cement weight. mix proportion

City of aurora, missouri jerry sumners sr.

6 crushed or uncracked gravel, blast furnace slag, crushed recycled concrete pavement, or a combination of the two. Coarse aggregate material requirements and harmful limits are shown in the table below and may require flushing to meet aggregate requirements

Connections aug 1999

Blast furnace slag is the product of reduction of iridium on iron ore to molten iron and slag. There are usually two treatment methods for slag. By placing the molten slag between the ground and cooling by air to form crystalline rock, this is called air-cooled blast furnace slag, which is a kind of light gray bubble rock. Two

What are the west virginia open graded free

According to the West Virginia Department of transportation, the composition of the material will depend on whether asphalt or Portland cement is selected. If asphalt is used, asphalt cement shall be limited to two percent of the weight of the mixture plus or minus 0.5. If blast furnace slag is used, asphalt cement can be added.

Blast furnace slag mill - restaurant

Blast furnace slag cement vertical roller mill is a kind of equipment which grinds blast furnace slag into small particles. In China, cm2g produced by vertical roller mill not only replaces clinker in traditional cement production, but also partly replaces cement clinker...

Comparison of technical and short

Blast furnace slag as a substitute for coarse aggregate has great potential to replace the traditional natural coarse aggregate in the construction of road subbase and asphalt pavement. Between 2000 and 2012, Japan reported the reuse of about 74 air-cooled blast furnaces

Strength properties of ternary blended concrete by ...

Blast furnace slag is obtained from SESA Goa Co., Ltd. Goa. The chemical composition of blast furnace slag is shown in Table 4 and table 4. Blast furnace slag chemical composition percentage SiO2 11 p2o510cao 51 MnO 8 FeO 10 Fe 2O 3 04 auxiliary cementitious material bottom ash

What 39 s crushed slag

Broken glass vs cinder sandblasting medium - Pittsburgh spray. Glass and cinder are two common sand blasting media. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, which make them more suitable for some explosive applications. In this article will cover smashing glass and cinders, their pros and cons, and may be the best for your blasting...

Optimization on the hybridization ratio of ground ...

This paper reports the treatment of ash and slag through the production of environmental biology, environmental problems, environmental problems, chemical utilization of ash and slag, combustion products of ash, cement, building materials and geosynthetics

Standard specication for fine aggregate for bituminous ...

It is made of crushed stone, crushed high slag or crushed gravel or crushed or uncracked expanded shale, expansive clay or expanded slate or combination thereof. It shall consist of hard, hard particles free from harmful amounts of clay, loam or

Gradation chart for crushed gravels

Grade diagram gravel gravel gravel. Aggtrans has been a leading supplier of gravel, sand, gravel, fill, cover, Boulder, clay, rock, backfill and recycled materials for MD, DC, VA, PA and de for more than 30 years.

Engineering properties and carbon footprint of

Ground granulated blast furnace slag aggregate (Figure 2b) obtained from YTL cement marketing Sdn Bhd in Malaysia is used as raw material of geopolymer concrete together with POFA. The slag activity index is

Standard specication for aggregate for single or

Treatment of blast furnace slag in blast furnace. 3.1.3 gravel, the product of natural disintegration and wear of rock or processing of weakly combined conglomerate. 3.1.4 uncracked gravel refers to the products screened and mixed from sediments, including

Development and application of concrete using

Portland cement, ground blast furnace slag, fly ash, silica fume and a special chemical admixture containing calcium nitrite are used for concrete compaction... As the coarse aggregate and other large uncut concrete debris are not easy to put into the mixer, we have adopted two separate methods of mixing mortar.

Crushed blastfurnace slag

Section 902 aggregates. Fine aggregate made of natural aggregate, high slag, crushed concrete or recycled asphalt pavement not exceeding 2 inches in size and free from visible organic matter or foreign matter, 100 percent crushed stone, gravel, blast furnace slag, reflective slag, steel slag or Portland cement concrete...

Technical note tn 009

SFS is different from BFS, a byproduct of blast furnace ironmaking. Blast furnace slag is not discussed in this technical specification. SFS produced by steelmaking furnaces are usually air-cooled, forming solid rock type materials, and

Suvino exports pvt. ltd. - products

Suvino exports Private Limited is a leading Indian sea salt export company, mainly exporting various grades of sea salt, including crude sea salt, washed sea salt, refined sea salt, edible sea salt, etc

Effect of ultrafine ground granulated blast

In this paper, the influence of mineral admixtures such as ultra-fine ground slag ufggbfs and copper slag CPS on GPC of geopolymer concrete cured at room temperature is discussed. Firstly, GPC was prepared from ufggbfs, fly ash, CPS and other mineral admixtures and alkaline activators such as sodium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide...

Preparation of coking batch

As the quality of coal available for coking continues to decline, special care must be taken in batch preparation. According to the actual proportion of bituminous coal and coke grade coal, the crushing degree of coal should be correctly selected to maintain the petrographic composition of this batch of coal and prevent the lean coal component from dominating.

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