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Underground mining substations

In Australia, these substations meet the requirements and are available for hire at any time. All the power supply voltages are up to 11kv and can be configured as standard or customized according to customer requirements. Mining substations offer more protection options and are updated according to the latest standards, and high voltage enclosures are type tested and approved

Exsto group | biloela

Exsto group is a design, manufacturing, leasing and service company based in Queensland with a wide range of workshop facilities and skilled and experienced staff. Equipped with a new service fleet, we are proud to provide high-quality solutions for the mining, civil construction and agricultural industries. lighthouse

Scope equipment hire

For Queensland mining, industrial and civil industries on time, quality and cost-effective services, scope equipment leasing is your first choice. Equipment rental. We provide high quality drainage pumps, pontoons, led lighthouses, dredging services and geopipes.

Light towers for sale | portable lighting

For almost any lighting demand, we stock and supply the Terex lighthouse, an important part of lighting for any construction site, outdoor activity or even the mining and agricultural sectors. The lighthouses we sell are sturdy and fit for purpose, which means their function is to do their design and do it well.

Lighting tower hire

Generator leasing Australia is proud to offer a range of high quality mobile lighting tower rental options. Its superior quality and portability make the gra lighthouse stand on the head and shoulders above the rest. Our lighthouse rental products can be customized to suit a wide range of applications from commercial, civil, industrial and mining.

Led lighting towers for hire perth, short or long

ID fleet hire offers bridgeforce led lighthouses to meet short-term or long-term rental needs. Briteforce is a wa owned and operated equipment manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the materialistic market. Briteforce designed the best LED lighting on the market

Solar lighting towers available for hire in perth

ID fleet hire offers the latest technology in solar lighthouses to meet short-term or long-term rental needs. Take advantage of our high-quality, locally made solar lighthouses and make full use of free renewable energy. Perfect for your activities, safety work, construction work, mining or any place where lighting is needed.

Lighting towers

If you're looking for lighthouses to hire, you're in the right place. Whether you're in Perth, Pilbara or calguri. We have a range of lighthouses that are ideal for commercial buildings, heavy industry, transportation infrastructure, mining and activities, road works, utilities and factory maintenance, construction and tunneling.

Lighting equipment for rent in qld nsw

If you need lighting for field work, activities or other needs, we can provide you with solutions. The main rental stock is a series of balloon lights, floodlights, inflatable lights, lighthouses and portable solar lights. Please visit your nearest employer or call us immediately.

Led lighting tower for the hire industry

Led lighthouse - rental industry. At trime, we have a series of sustainable, mobile, led lighthouses, which are very suitable for the rental industry, with simple maintenance and repair requirements. You will benefit from safe, bright lighting from powerful, reliable and environmentally friendly lighting

Led lighting towers scope equipment hire

Led lighthouse in the range of equipment rental, we distribute the latest ultra efficient mobile solar and diesel led lighthouses - distributor is briteforce led lighthouse. obtain

Equipment hire

Led lighthouse. Northwest Mining msled24k-9 our iconic led lighthouse is reliable and durable, fully in line with the usability and safety of mine specifications. It is powered by a 3.9 kW Perkins 403-07 diesel engine and is equipped with 1920 watt 8 x 300W led Hella lamps with about 202 887 lumens.

Lighting hire | new

Lighting an area, a table, a fountain or a path using our battery powered and low-voltage lighting is painless. Choose dry rental, consulting or full installation services to ensure that your event is a cherished memory. Our favorite activities can light up the wedding. Birthday party. Charity activities. Company activities. Carnival. festival

Lighting towers onsite rental group

Lighthouse we turn night into day across Australia. Whether you work on the ground or underground, we have a variety of Lighthouse installations that can be used in any situation. Compared with other rental equipment suppliers, our unique stackable compact unit minimizes delivery load and costs. Your lighting rental options include

Lighting towers mobile light solutions

Lunar lighting is a unique lighting company focusing on R & D with global patents and trademarks. In the past 26 years, lunar lighting has made unprecedented achievements in the world lighting field.

Mareeba hire equipment

Mareeba hire equipment is a customer-oriented, responsive and reliable company that provides us with flexible leasing options. This idea of serving the needs of board players, as well as several film productions, has made Mareeba hire a one-stop shop for Party rentals, from cutlery to cooking and...

Led light towers for hire

Mining and industrial site road engineering and traffic control no matter what type of Lighthouse you choose to rent, you can guarantee that all machinery provided by master Hill meets current Australian standards. We have a series of trailer mounted lighthouses, all of which are road registered and have forklift pockets. If...

Equipment hire

Mining Magazine - the latest mining and investment news. Security digital transformation blueprint of Cisco and Rockwell Automation

Portable lights

Mining, employment and service providers such as utilities, gas, water and electricity, railway industry personnel, road maintenance, emergency services, disaster control and recreational uses. When using the Exin lamp, you will not be found by leaving the charging cable at home, on site or in the office.

Mobile lighting towers

Allightsykes is the global market leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of lighting solutions. Our global headquarters in Perth, Western Australia, produces up to 1000 lighthouses a year.

Hire mobile lighting towers for business nion ...

Nion industries, one of the leading retailers of lighthouses and generating sets in Western Australia, has some of the best mobile lighting towers to meet the needs of civil engineering, construction, emergency, mining and other industries.. Mobile lighthouse is a diesel generator, it has a high mast, usually a light pole, connected to a generator, is portable through...

Generator hire and lighting tower hire

Our lighthouse rental is a perfect way to increase visibility across your entire project site without incurring significant additional costs. Mining projects or large civil engineering projects have low visibility in the evening or early morning, and our lighthouse rental allows you to easily move lighthouses around your site as needed.

Equipment hire

Provide recruitment, equipment leasing and industrial services to the mining, civil, industrial and commercial sectors. Forced access to leased access equipment

Lighting equipment hire in busselton, wa

Search for lighting rental in Busselton, Washington plantminer.com.au . get free quotes from Australia's largest online construction market

Lighting tower hire, rental, sales

Since 2014, site light rentals has provided building lighthouses, lighting leasing and lighting solutions for the construction, mining and resource industries in Australia. With more than 15 years of industry experience, coupled with our passion and drive for the market, we quickly become a member of the industry...

Pit master

The world's leading manufacturer of the world's most powerful ultra-low voltage mobile LED lighting towers, providing a full range of rental services for all applications in the mining, industrial and construction industries.

Lighting equipment hire in port pirie, sa

Yellow hire is a fast growing factory equipment leasing company providing high quality equipment for the construction, earthwork transportation and mining sectors. Now consult 04 2159 8222

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